Party Time – Backyard Luau Party!

Luau Party Backyard Birthday Celebration


Luau Party with Mom’s Lifesavers

We had a HULA lot of fun at our backyard luau party!

What a great time we had celebrating my nieces birthdays with a luau party themed birthday.

Celebrating for 2 girls while keeping the celebration affordable was the plan.

We shopped at our local party store Funny Bones Party Superstore for some leis and balloons.

TIP – Helium balloons are inexpensive and really add a ‘boost’ to your party decorating, even on a budget.

We also made some homemade decorations to add to the luau party theme, what do you think?


Luau Party – Lei Twig Wreath – Tiki Log – Leis -Chalkboard Welcome Sign

  • Wreath – Welcome your guests with a simple lei draped over a twig wreath
  • Tiki – This hand painted titi (a fireplace log) greeted guests – supplies needed: paint, log & imagination!
  • Chalkboard painted signs welcomed guests and can be used over and over again! Click here for our chalkboard paint secret!
  • Hairclips and Leis – guests were greeted ‘island style’ with lies and handmade hibiscus hair clips (artificial flowers hot glued to hair clips)

Luau Party – Aloha BINGO – Bubble & Jump Rope Party Favors – Hula – Tropical Trail Mix Favors


One of the highlights was the ALOHA Bingo game! This customized party game was ordered through Etsy – what a hit!
We were sent the customized files via email and all we had to do was print them out and had a perfectly fun party game that was inexpensive and totally ‘theme-tastic’.
TrulyBillEve on Etsy offers so many customizable bingo games that include Lego, Star Wars, American Girl, Hello Kitty and so much more – tell them Mom’s Lifesavers sent you!

Activity Stations

There were also ‘stations’ for the kids, including Hula, Frisbee, Limbo and Make Your Own Tiki Necklace!

Luau Party – Chalkboard Sign – Lei Hair Clips – Make Your Own Tiki Necklace

The tiki necklaces appealed to both the boys and girls and were very inexpensive to make. For “how-to’ click here.

Time for Cake!

What would a luau party be without cake? Not a luau party, that’s for sure!
Here are the two cakes for the celebration – a Tiki and hula doll cake of course!

Luau Party – Tiki Cake – Hula Doll Cake – Mom’s Lifesavers

Favors –¬†For the Kids

At the end of the party young guests were sent home with party themed bubbles and jump ropes – perfect for summer fun! The customized bubble wrappers were from Michelle’s Party Shop on Etsy. Please tell Michelle we said hi!

Favors – For the Adults

Adults were sent home with a taste of the islands as well – tropical trail mix that included macadamia nuts and shaved coconut! These ‘pretzel’ style bags were topped with paper flowers.
Thanks for visiting us at Mom’s Lifesavers!
Do you have a party ideas that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you!

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