Places To Visit – Picture Perfect – Sunflowers!


Sunflower Field in Newbury is a Family Favorite Planted by Colby Farms in Newbury, Massachusetts These Blooms Are Memory Makers! This entire sunflower field in Newbury is part of the Essex County Greenbelt, this location is Hiller Field. Colby Farm plants and maintains the Sunflower field in Newbury for the enjoyment of the community. Only […]

Jenny Craig Weigh Loss Journey Diary: Christine


First Impressions of Jenny Craig Honestly, this is one of the hardest posts to write, but currently one of the most important in my nearly 10 years of blogging. And I’m truly doing this for myself and that ONE reader that may benefit from my weight loss journey. So here it goes… My name is […]

My First Day with Jenny Craig – Bonnie


My First Day with Jenny Craig So here we are. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Today was the first day of my Jenny Craig experience. Here I am getting on the scale for the very first time in a LONG time. I wasn’t even sure if it had batteries. I promise to […]

DIY – Back To School Wreath


Back to School Wreath – DIY You Can Make It Too! Easy Decoration! While out shopping the other day there were already Halloween & Thanksgiving decorations out. I need to ease into the season a little more slowly – after all I think summer goes through Columbus Day here in New England, not Labor Day! […]

Zoo Special Events in September


Zoo Special Events in September Celebrate the Gibbons Birthday on September 5th  and Take Part in a Food Truck Safari September 12th September 5 – Gibbon Birthday Party – Stone Zoo The Stone Zoo will be celebrating the birthdays of white-cheeked gibbons Kien and Paddy. In honor of Kien’s 14th birthday and his son Paddy’s […]

Big News from Mom’s Lifesavers – Jenny Craig


Jenny Craig is our NEW Mom’s Lifesaver – Big News from Christine and Bonnie What an adventure we’re on here at Mom’s Lifesavers. We’ve written about our lives since 2006 and we are about to embark on one of the MOST important reviews of our blog’s history. Don’t get us wrong, we have enjoyed every […]

Let’s Eat – Ice Cream!


Ice Cream Adventures for the Family Summer is synonymous with ice cream in our house. We love a frozen treat adventure – usually after a lazy or  even long summer day. This year our youngest got adventurous and tried all sorts of new flavors – by August she had locked in black raspberry as her […]

Cooler Corn – Yeah, We Tried It!


Cooler Corn So you may have seen this on the internet, Facebook or heard about it – but has anyone you know tried it? We did. We used a Coleman Cooler for this experiment and here is what Coleman Customer Service had to say about the plastic used in their coolers “none of Coleman’s insulated coolers […]

Our Super League Gaming Experience


Super League Gaming – We loved it! That’s right, we charged the laptop batteries and headed to our local movie theater to play Minecraft – how cool does that sound? Super League Gaming offers an in theater gaming experience – played out on a movie theater screen. We attended as part of the Super League […]

Rip Current – Family Safety Tip


Know the Ocean and Rip Current Safety If you live or vacation along the ocean you MUST know the hazards of Rip Currents. Having grown up on the ocean, I have found myself in the grip of this powerful ‘underwater current or river’.  They are scary and VERY real.  I have experienced them and they are incredibly powerful and frightening. […]